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Stories of Grace – Infertility

True Goodness Films presents Stories of Grace an interview with Kari Janisse about her struggle with infertility. After their wedding in 2007, Kari and her husband Phil, began their unforeseen journey with infertility. For the next 10 years, Kari endured surgeries, medicines, and heartbreak, in their struggle to conceive. In this episode of Stories of Grace, Kari speaks openly about her experience and the physical, mental, and spiritual effects that infertility has on a husband and wife. Her story offers hope through joyful suffering and that through even our greatest trials, God remains.

Watch this video to hear about Kari’s experience with natural family planning under the precepts of the Church, the saints whose intercession aided along their journey, and the doctor who helped to change everything. After living 10 years’ worth of Good Fridays, Kari and Phil had their Easter Sunday on March 5, 2018. They named their miracle, John Paul.

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